Hamilton, Bermuda

by Johnny Lucas

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Golf is not the only activity in Bermuda, not by a long shot. About 50% of the colony's foreign exchange is earned from banking, insurance, and 6,000 off-shore tax-exempt enterprises. Bermuda has an economic clout far beyond its population (60,000) and size (37 kilometres by no more than 3.2 kilometres). All business is centered in Hamilton.

Take lots of it.
$Bermuda = $ US. US currency is legal tender. All prices are quoted in $B/US

Although not in Hamilton, it's not a long cab ride to Fourways Restaurant. Expect to pay upwards of $100 per person for a dinner that's at the top of the heap for formality, quality and price. There's a very good wine cellar that includes a triple magnum of Château Blanc 1955 for $5,000. Tel: 236-6517

On the other end of the scale the best burgers in town are at Dorothy's Coffee Shop. Lunch will be under $5. You'll find Dorothy on Chancery Lane between Front and Reid Streets.

Most business lunches in Hamilton are held at Port O'Call (295-5373) or The Harbourfront (295-4207), both on Front Street.

A 15% gratuity is almost always included in the restaurants bill in Bermuda.

Look for "Dining Out in Bermuda" a magazine full of menus (and prices) for many Hamilton eateries, as well as some Bermudan recipes.

view from lighthouseEveryone walks within Hamilton where it is never more than a few blocks between business addresses. There are no rental cars on the island so it's your own feet, busses, ferries, rental scooters or taxis throughout the rest of the island. A cab from the airport to the city will cost about $20.

Must Sees
The Bermuda Art Gallery, housed in the City Hall is terrific. The collection is far better than you should expect on such a small island. A Georgia O'Keeffe show runs to the end of January, the permanent collection has some brilliant works by famous artists who have visited the island.

The Royal Gazette is the daily newspaper which also produces the weekly Mid Ocean News. The weekly Bermuda Sun features an Investors Snapshot, a Business Register and in-depth discussions of controversial, real-life issues affecting Bermudians.

Telephone Emergency 911 Visitor Service Bureau 295-1480 Air Canada: 293-2121

The mercury moves in a very limited range in Bermuda. Summer highs are about 30°, daytime winter averages reach 19.9° in January and 19.7° in February. As with most maritime climates the weather can change quickly.

Front Street is a must see and you really can't avoid it: it's at the front of Hamilton. Stores such as The English Sports Shop will outfit you with Bermuda shorts. In alley off Front Street next to Triminghams's look for Sail On, an idiosyncratic mix for outdoors types run by Hugh Watlington, an Olympic windsurfer. He's got his own Bermuda polo designs featuring toads and onions.

Out of Town
On the Western tip of Bermuda is the Dockyards, an ancient military complex which has been converted to a shopping and cultural centre. The half hour ferry trip leaves about every hour from Hamilton wharf.

Where to Stay
house on N shoreThe Relais & Château Waterloo House sits discretely on the harbour in the centre of Hamilton. It's small (32 rooms), tasteful and efficient. (809) 295-4480.

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