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Editor, Driven Magazine: In January of 2008 the Editor-in-Chief of Driven magazine gave 24 hours notice and left, with all senior staff, to start a competing publication. I stepped in and rescued and redefined the publication. After six months I was able to hand over a well-functioning magazine to my successor.

Communications Consultant: planning and implementation of communications strategies for large and small events, advice on communications strategy to senior management. Provision of media materials, speeches, fact sheets, position papers briefing notes, brochures, advertising, websites, etc. Clients in the private sector and clients in public service, including Her Honour Hilary Weston, His Honour Hal Jackman, His Honour Lincoln Alexander, the last four provincial premiers, and approximately 40 cabinet ministers representing all political parties.

Senior Writer (acting):
During the height of the SARS crisis, I came to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to co-ordinate and produce material for the daily press conferences, speeches for the Ministry and the Commissioner of Public Safety and Security.

Travel Writer: for all Toronto newspapers, many magazines and several websites. I have written on the supersonic Concorde, bicycling in Japan, cruising on the QE2, diving on reefs and wrecks, and on riding a motorcycle in Tasmania. I have prepared in-house materials for use by Butterfield & Robinson and promotional materials for the Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) and others. I am the founder and was the first president of Canada's only organisation of travel writers, the Travel Media Association of Canada.

IT Communications Consultant 
2000 to 2003 produced all manner of communications products for the Elementary/Secondary information Project in the Ministry of Education: presentations, Intranet, letters, reports, memos, speeches, communication plans, brochures, and extensive communications advice and direction for stakeholder relations and internal communications.

Communications Specialist for the Community Services I&IT Cluster.  Duties included planning all staff meetings, co-ordinating Intranet development, preparing communication plans for staff re-classifications and the integration processes ("clustering") of I&IT branches. 

Freelance Journalist: Producing material on mutual funds, men's health, the economic prospects of Saudi Arabia, obituaries, immigration and extensive ghost-writing.

Communications Co-ordinator: In 1999/2000
I led the Y2K communications function for the two Ontario Government education ministries.  Working with the Year 2000 Unit and I&IT branches, I provided a full range of communications services, including a website, frequent all-staff updates for 2,500 employees, speeches and presentations for ant to executives, and I designed and produced a weekly executive report which described in words and graphs, the progress of Y2K preparations.  In the new year I worked for a short time with the IT branch and the new CIO and helped to prepare, among other things, materials showing the relationship between trends in e-government and the application of new technologies to learning. 

Communications Consultant: for government and private clients. Planning and implementation of communications strategies for large and small events, advice on communications strategy to senior management.  Provision of media materials, speeches, fact sheets, position papers briefing notes, brochures, advertising, websites, etc. 

Project Manager in private and public sector undertakings. Designed and implemented launches of products, programs and events; created, contracted and oversaw production schedules for teams of 3 to 66 people. 

Producer of CD-ROMs as Owner and President of Bald Man Productions. A tiny electronic publishing enterprise. 

Journalist specializing in business, finance and travel-related articles. Newspapers, major and secondary periodicals, guidebooks. 

On-line Journalist Men's Health Columnist for Sympatico's™ HealthyWay™. 

Business Writer business plans, annual reports, articles for publication. 

Screenwriter Ontario Arts Council Screenwriting Award. 

Copywriter press releases, brochures, proposals, statements, presentations, handbooks, fact sheets, video productions, etc. 

Founder & First President Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) The Canadian organization representing the professional travel media, tourist boards and travel providers. (volunteer) 

Co-ordinator, Editor and Senior Writer Communications Branch of two Ontario ministries. 

Writer and Researcher for the Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for The Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Bureau of Tourism. 

Writer and Director "The Artificial Intelligence Research Programme at the University of Amsterdam", video presentation for the European Community. 



EDITOR United Nations Association Newsletter. (volunteer) 

LOOKOUT Alberta Forest Service, Slave Lake Alberta 

WRITER Music Theatre Programme, B.S.F.A., Banff, Alberta (Scholarship) 

INSTRUCTOR, English as a Second Language, Humber College, Toronto 

FUND-RAISER and Special Projects Manager, Tarragon Theatre, Toronto 

ENVELOPE STUFFER & STAMP LICKER Nimrod Theatre, Sydney, Australia 

PRODUCER Peterborough Summer Theatre, Peterborough, Ontario 



Vice President of the Board of Directors St. Stephen's Community House (1997 to 2006): St. Stephens is a large ($10m p.a.) multi-service community agency based in the Kensington Market area of Toronto. Programs include Day Care, Seniors Centre, Homeless and Under-housed drop in, Youth in New Media Program, Newcomers' Language Training.

Board Member: Palmerston Area Residents' Association (2002 to present) Ongoing involvement with local issues, municipal politicians and City Hall. Led the successful battle to preserve the historic street lights of Palmerston Boulevard.

Board Member (1999 to 2004): Equity Showcase Theatre, a non-profit organisation which provides training, performance opportunities and career development for theatre professionals.

Basic Thai Language, A.U.A. Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Film and Television Writing for Professionals, York University 

St. John's Ambulance First Aid Training 

Basic Russian Language, University of Toronto 

Bachelor of Arts (English, Philosophy), Trent University 

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