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The male myth

October 14, 1996

June & son In our predominantly macho North American culture, it's no secret that many men tend to keep their health concerns to themselves. Recently, however, that tendency is being challenged by a steady stream of new men's health magazines. The HealthyWay™ magazine, too, has entered the arena with our new men's column.

But how does one go about reaching those men who tend to ignore their health problems? Well, if the articles are delivered straight up with a pinch of humor, says our new Toronto-based writer, Johnny Lucas, there's a good chance they might bite. In his first men's column this week, Lucas has fun tackling the issue most middle-aged men hold close to their hearts, literally: their bulging middles. Also fondly known as jelly bellies, those layers of fat that tend to pile up around waistlines as men reach their late 30s and early 40s can in fact be tough to shed. What's more, that extra tire is more noticeable to a man, says Lucas, than, say, his fat face or backside. (When I suggested to Lucas that he use the word derriere, he said that men would find that word too coy.) Read his column to see what you can do about keeping your waistline under control.

If you are a man reading this, please e-mail me and let me know what you think of our new men's column and what you'd like for us to tackle in the future. If you are a woman who lives with a man who is too coy to show any outward interest in his health, let me know what you think he--or you--might like to read about.

Thanks for browsing. See you next week.

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June Rogers, Editor
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