Notes for Remarks by

Her Honour, Hilary Weston

Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

at the


1997 Senior Achievement

Awards Presentation

Legislature Building, Queen's Park

June 24, 1997

Notes only

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Minister Jackson, award recipients, ladies and gentlemen.

It has been a great pleasure to have presented, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, eighteen such worthy people with the Senior Achievement Award.

Thank you Minister Jackson for introducing tonight's recipients to us. I also thank the advisory committee and the many others who are responsible for organizing and coordinating this event.

The example set by the recipients of the Senior Achievement Award is indeed inspiring. Your generous and diverse service to your communities represents the best of our province's heritage. The good deeds you do on a daily basis so rarely make the news of the day, yet these are the important and positive things which we enjoy in the province and which make Ontario such a fine place to live.

This is the first Senior Achievement Awards ceremony at which I have officiated. It is a pleasure to be in the company of such exceptional citizens of our province.

Your good work and many accomplishments will benefit the province for many years to come, and the examples of service to your communities will continue to inspire people of all ages.

On behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, I commend every one of you for your commitment, your dedication, your hours of hard work, and for the very significant contribution you make to the well-being of your fellow citizens. On behalf of Her Majesty and the Province of Ontario I offer you most sincere congratulations.

I invite all of you to join me and be received in the Lieutenant Governor's suite where I look forward to speaking with each of you.

Thank you.

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