TPort Hope Fair pixtures on this page, click here for pix of the Norwood Fair.

In September & October of this year (2009) I went to a few fall fairs with some friends. This devil is not one of my friends.

Is it a carrot, or is it art? is this what you see when you look at a carrot?


Thanks to Letterman, Obama has a heart-shaped potato. Canada, is more complex.

How can you look at this and not feel that all is right with the world?


She was singing a little and emoting a lot.

That's a prize quilt.

Ferris was an actual guy. The first Ferris Wheel, then known as the Chigaco Wheel was built for the Chicago Expo in 1893 and was meant to compete for notariety with the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel was a guy too, but they only built one of his tower things.



She probably has never heard of the Eiffel Tower or thinks it's just another cheese.


There was something existential about this: tie the kids in, hang them from chains, make them go around and around but not too fast and then it's over. Most of them liked it.


A row of hollyhocks on the Lakeshor Road on the way home

My friend Lis who loves having her picture taken

A view near Elizabethville

Poison ivy getting in the the fall goove.

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